The growing power of the gas empires

Matein Khalid Khaleej Times, United Arab EmiratesThe giants of the sea communications in the Persian Gulf are already oil tankers классаSuezmax displacement of 16, tons or more, and the huge tankers with characteristic domes for transportation sverhdlitelnogo liquefied natural gas, carrying the new black gold of Qatar or Abu Dhabi in gas storage facilities and gas plants in Europe or the Far East.On wall street the company Conoco makes a bid worth $ 35 billion. USA company Burlington Resources, to gain a strategic prize in the form of trillions of cubic feet of blue gas located beneath the surface in the Rocky mountains. In the future, because of the variability of natural gas prices brokers will be called the commodity exchange in new York and London with their continuously changing quotes Gas Vegas. In the deserts of Saudi Arabia, on the vast expanse of permafrost of the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, bright green Islands of the Indonesian archipelago, in the depths of the ocean off the coast of West Africa and the ancient Persian plains lie the gas reserves of our planet - the future of the next world energy order. The government spends untold billions to establish control over these reserves, build pipelines and regasification plants (liquefied natural gas), rented out entire fleets of tankers for transportation of liquefied natural gas. Like crude oil, natural gas in the new Millennium is the currency of power.As the harsh reality of the culminating point of the world's oil reserves are starting to reach the increasingly voracious on the part of natural gas is the world's most forward-thinking financial bigwigs and major oil companies move their pieces on the chess Board of international Finance and energy policy to stake its applications for precious stocks of only hydrocarbon fuel, which can replace crude oil. Читать полностью -->

The conspiracy against Russia

Leonid RadzikhovskyI really like the definition Pelevin: "Conspiracy against Russia undoubtedly exists. In it as the forces involved the entire population of Russia".Based on this - I think pretty true to formula, and I tried to look at the recently approved "national security Strategy until 22" .The main "national danger", of course - within the country. The document says a lot about NATO expansion and missile defense. Probably with the professional military point of view, there are hidden large threats, but from the point of view of common sense, as they say, "God forbid that we had no other problems." The war - even nuclear, even though non-nuclear is about as probable as the collision of Earth with a comet ̷ we are All well aware that Russia will not attack NATO. On the basis of what we believe that NATO was preparing an attack on Russia? If you do not prepare then what is the danger?Other threats much more real and scarier.The document rightly says about corruption as a threat to national security. But it would be worth to deepen this question.The problem is not the corruption, not even in her stunning sizes (say, that the total amount of kickbacks and bribes reaches 25% of GDP!). Читать полностью -->

Spanish response to PRO

Medvedev held talks with Zapatero, after which the parties signed an agreement on strategic partnershipRoman Fedoseev,Andrew CarversThe second day of the official visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev marked his talks with Prime Minister of Spain, josГ© Zapatero. Following the meeting, the sides signed a Declaration on strategic partnership in the political, economic and military industries, as well as agreed to strengthen bilateral consultations on international issues. And during the press conference, Medvedev said that he thinks about the secret letter to Obama about ABOUT.If the first day of a three-day visit of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to Spain was largely devoted to ceremonial activities, sightseeing and meetings with representatives of public organizations, the second day was truly working.On Tuesday, the Russian leader first met one-on-one with the head of the Spanish government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and then held in an expanded format.At the press conference the Russian President called the meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister "very substantive and productive". "It is important that the new twenty-first century the cooperation between Russia and Spain is entering a qualitatively new level. This is true for politics, and for our economic and cultural cooperation. We appreciate it," - said Medvedev.He stressed that "the new realities of our relationship is reflected in the Declaration on strategic partnership". Читать полностью -->

By 2012, the population of Europe will decrease by 36 million due to mortality in the Russian Federation

French demographers predict that in three years the population of the European continent will decrease by 36 million, mainly due to the significant demographic decline in Russia, where male mortality due to alcoholism and poor living conditions reaches a peak.In total, according to the National Institute of demographic studies, France, 212, Earth will live on 7 billion people. Recall that currently the population of our planet is is 6.81 billion people - is at 185 million more than two years ago, writes InoPressa with reference to the French newspaper Le Monde.According to experts, the most populous country in the world in the next 1 years India will become in this country will be home to about 1.74 billion people versus 1.43 billion in China. Fertility in China because of the famous policy of "one family - one child" dropped to 1.6 children per woman. At the same time, in India the figure is 2.7 children per woman.By mid-century the population of Africa will reach 2 billion people. In the U.S. in 25 will be around 44 million people. Читать полностью -->

Personal responsibility for the crisis

Financial setback - a reason to admit their mistakes and think about eternityAlexander LatkinThe global crisis will force many to think about personal responsibility. Now it is crystal clear that economic problems will last for years, you need to decide how to live with it. Some businesses are looking for ways to save their business themselves, while others are lining up to the public trough. Some officials blamed the escape accountability. But there are people who, recognizing their mistakes, begin to think about eternity.The past week has added to already become the eternal theme of the crisis a new shade - personal responsibility for what is happening. However, in the very crisis it is customary to blame the US, which consumed too much. Читать полностью -->

A letter from Israel

IZ IERUSALIMA 21-1Inbox XShalom, chaverim!Today I will start with the situation in Gaza. There are more important things̷There is acute situation requiring urgent bone marrow transplant two kids - 3-year-old Dana Nevo and 6-year-old Amit Kadosh. Especially difficult position at Dana, the son of a single mother of Marv. He suffers from a rare form of leukemia, which is available today, besides him, only three patients in the world. These fabrics also Given a very rare, one of the options has only 2% of Israel's population. Amit Kadosh also sick with leukemia, in recent months she has been undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital, "Schneider" in Petah Tikva.So today in all major shopping malls of the country organized a campaign to collect blood samples to identify potential bone marrow donors for sick children. Читать полностью -->

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